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How to Find the Right Taps for Your Bathroom

The taps you pick for your bathroom can completely change the look, feel and usability of your bathroom fittings. If you’re planning to design an entirely new bathroom from scratch, change worn out taps, or refurbish bathroom to give a refined look, feel and functionality – you need to think about the different types of the tap that would suit your preference and budget. A brief explanation of all the different kinds of bathroom tap available is explained here; it will definitely help you to decide what type would be ideal for your bathroom.   Conventional or Modern A lot… Read More


Infographic: Give a Fresh Look to Your Bathroom by Making Small Modifications

  Transcription of Above Infographic   A bathroom is indispensable for everyday use, and when it is augmented by a little bit of luxury, it will give a welcoming feel, and you’ll love to use your bathroom every morning and evening! We’ll show you how to accomplish it without going for a full-fledged bathroom renovation Mixer Tap: A mixer tap is a resourceful accessory; cold and hot water from the two valves is mixed before it reaches the outlet, facilitating the water to come out at any temperature between that of the cold and hot water supplies. If you don’t… Read More