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All about Mixer Taps

One of the most advanced breed in the tap family, mixer taps are aesthetically pleasing and convenient kitchen accessories that are widely used for residential and professional use. These mixer taps are available in various designs. From traditional steel finish and antique look to ultra modern looks there is a huge variety of mixer taps available in the market. There are basically two types of mixer taps- dual-flow mixer taps and tri-flow mixer taps. While dual flow mixers are usually used for mixing hot water with cold water and are generally meant for residential usage, tri flow mixers are more… Read More


About Kitchen Mixer Taps

Every normal functioning kitchen contains competent kitchen mixer taps for easy functioning to fulfill its purpose. The hot and cold water streams coming out of the tap should be controllable according to the requirement in the kitchen. It adds to the decoration of the room and should mingle normally with the styling of the kitchen. You have to pick up the right set of taps for your kitchen. You should keep in mind certain essential aspects of the accessory. The mixer set should not be at all complicated, instead should be a simple one with competent functioning of sprays and… Read More