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Now you can Buy Newly Launched Kaha Tapeware from Methven at

Kaha tapware exhibits a classic from updated with modern dynamic accents. Organic curves meet crisp edges to create an unmistakable and timeless design style. The unique look of kaha tapware will establish a distinctive design presence in any home. The kaha range has been designed to fit seamlessly into an array of environments. Its subtle curves and edges fit beautifully with round and square basins, making its own statements, while not overpowering. Functionality has been combined with classic beauty as both the kaha basin and sink mixer taps incorporates swivel actions. Longer spouts are presented throughout the range as well… Read More


Understand the Importance of Quality Tapware in Your Bathroom

Tapware are among the most underestimated bathroom fittings and accessories. Although they are the smallest accessories, but their aesthetic value should not be ignored. The taps play a very important role while determining the class and style of your bathroom, and making it a place to enjoy and relax the moments of peace. You should also consider the taps accessories in addition to other items if you are going for bathroom renovation at discounted price. One of the important things that you need to consider is your budget. If your budget allows, you can go for stylish and branded taps… Read More


Water Efficient ShowerHeads

Installing a water-efficient showerhead (if compatible with your hot water system) will give you a great shower and you will save water, energy and money. Standard showerheads use about 15 to 25 litres of water per minute. Water-efficient showerheads use nine litres per minute or less. Installing a water-efficient showerhead could save thousands of litres of water per year. This means:   reduced water consumption & saving on your water bill; and   reduced energy consumption for hot water & reducing your energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions. The more time spent in the shower and the more the tap… Read More