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What are Bathroom Accessories?

Bathroom Accessories, what are they, and where do you start when looking to revamp your exhausted bathroom on a budget? A bathroom is meant to last for years, but gone are the days of handmade porcelain bathtubs and gold taps. These days modern materials are used and cheaper material bathroom ranges are being installed. After a period of time the taps may look tarnished or begin to rust, your toilet roll holder may be broken and your showerhead maybe dripping and no longer the power shower it once was.   These are your bathroom accessories! Basically anything which isnโ€™t the… Read More

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What Aspects Are To Be Considered While Buying Bathroom Taps?

In the recent years, people are looking for innovation in every aspect around them. This has paved the way for the emerging of bathroom taps in different colours, styles and finishes. But one of the most important things is that you have to spend a lot of time to find the right taps for your bathroom. If you choose suitable taps that best fits your bathroom, then it will offer an elegant look. On the other hand, an incorrect selection will not give a pleasing look. The taps are now available in a huge range of both modern and traditional… Read More