How beautiful is your bathroom?  Investing in bathroom renovations isn’t the primary choice for many today. We would love to focus on our living room first. However, with bathroom decor and bathroom designs becoming more trendier than ever, it would just make more sense today to beautify the place you have to spend time in every day.

The latest bathroom trends

More and more people are opting for bathroom trends that suit their personal choice and need and also allow them to feel comfortable and relaxed in their private space. We bring to you the six latest bathroom trends this year which is sure to be loved by all.
Heated Towel Rails & Shower Rails

  • Heated towel rails : A great trend in modern bathrooms is the use of heated towel rails that help dry the towels rapidly so that they can be used while they are warm especially in cold and humid climates. They also help keep the bathroom hygienic as no germs and molds can grow in a warm environment. Heated towel rails also look extremely stylish and are gaining immense popularity with every passing year.
  • Freestanding baths : Freestanding baths are another new trend with some amazing and unique options available in the market that modernize the bathroom instantly. A vintage styled freestanding baths looks ten times costlier than its actual price and thus is an ideal choice. Other popular bath decors are the one that boast of chic designs and lucite acrylic finish.
  • Twin rail showers : Twin rail showers are a great innovation in shower technology and offer high-quality showers without taking up too much space. They cater to the new demanding and modern-day lifestyle as they come with customisable height adjustments and a huge overhead drencher for a great showering experience. Being easy to maintain and clean, they are great for bathrooms that call for a quick-cleaning.
  • Customized bathroom furniture : As discussed earlier, a bathroom is a personal place where one must be able to relax completely. This is precisely why customized, and personalized bathroom furniture is becoming a new and popular trend in the world of bathrooms. Some essential features of such bathroom trends are shower rails, additional storage, hidden compartments and increased space in the bathroom area.
  • Toilet suites fitted back to the wall : Toilet suites boast of compact attributes and gives a very neat and clean look to the toilet. The waste trap is hidden in a sleek manner and is the first choice for people who wish to give their bathroom an elegantly finished look. Such suites make cleaning a quick job without any hassles and are quite compact in nature.
  • Mini makeover trends : Markets and online stores are flooded with shower heads, heated towel rails, tap-wares and storage options. A new trend is to give bathrooms a ˜mini-makeover™ by using these accessories in the existing bathrooms. A significant switch of bathroom accessories offers contemporary styled and sleek Upgrade to the bathroom without proving to be too expensive.

Your choice of bathroom design would depend on your budget as well as your home design but don’™t forget to keep the trends in mind.