With regular use of your kitchen and bathroom taps, surely the time will come after a while to change them. When you replace your tap set in your kitchen counters or bathroom vanity, certainly they will give a fresh look and feel. Here, I am going to share with you the knowledge on how to go ahead and replace your own taps so that you don’™t have to shell out money for plumber™s service. You can rather use the money saved on the fitting charges to buy the taps that you would like to have.

When selecting a brand new tap set, it is imperative to examine where the water supply lines go by into the base of your taps. Are they going straight below the cold and hot water handles of your taps or are they all together. It is particularly imperative to find out this in case you possess a tile or stone counter as it is tougher to drill the holes out for the supply lines in the right location. However, itโ€™s much easier to drill through an Arborite counter. To trace that out without lifting off the taps you are using currently, you will require to glance below the counter at the underneath of where your taps fall through the counter.

How To Replace Your Kitchen TapsAdditionally, you will require to note down as to whether you own shut off valves on your supply lines, or you would need to decide if you would have it installed or not. I am suggesting that you should install shut off valves in case you donโ€™t already have it. Here (For this article tips on how to replace your Kitchen taps), I presume you already have shut off valves installed. Now when you are clear on what kind of taps you would want to have, you can shop and purchase the preferred taps. Remember, when you buy taps, ensure that they come with the right water supply lines (or you have to buy them separately), which can go between the underneath of the taps and get through the end of the shut off valve to be joined in there. Itโ€™s imperative that the supply lines are adequately long that can get through the valves and base of taps. I presume you are right with me at this stage.

As you own brand new set of kitchen taps, itโ€™s time that you uninstall your old taps. First of all, shut off your water. In case you have shut off valves, simply turn off the cold and hot shut offs. Suppose, you donโ€™t have shut off valves, you should turn off the water at the water meter that is likely to be found in the cellars. et.

When you have detached and pulled out everything from the cabinet, you might want to clear up the counter where exactly your old taps were installed prior to placing in your brand new taps. Take the brand new taps and drop the ends from the top of the counter, and on the underneath you will have to use the supplied washers and nuts to tighten it up. Ensure that the taps are installed square on the counter so they are aesthetically pleasing and they donโ€™t look as if they are out of adjustment. After the taps are made tight and protected to the counter, now itโ€™s time to take your new water supply lines and join them to the base of your taps. Some people donโ€™t have much space to work with under the counter, so they first join the supply lines and tighten it up before dropping the new taps from the counter top.

Branded Bath Taps For Your Modern BathroomNow, to shut off the valves connection, you will need to tighten the water supply lines. Aptly try to tighten them, but donโ€™t overdo tightening else your nut will get damaged. Now, glance at all your connections to visually examine that they are properly attached. If everything seems good, itโ€™s time to turn on the water. Before turning on water at the shut off valves, ensure your taps are in off position. Then gradually turn on the water at the shut off valves and glance at all of the connections below your counter to verify for leaks. If no leaks are detected, you have done a superb job. In case you notice a leak, you should attempt to tighten up the joins to see if that blocks the leak, if itโ€™s unable to block the leak, then you will have to shut off the water and detach the joins and rejoin them.

Sometimes all things arenโ€™t lined up fittingly and so you notice a leak occurring. In case you arenโ€™t able to prevent the leak, you can attempt covering the threads on the joins with Teflon tape that will aid in sealing the spot. After you stop the leak by fixing it, you need to examine your tap for a metal screen filter at the tapโ€™s opening from where the water comes out. If you locate one, you should unbolt it immediately, so you donโ€™t grasp any metal filings. After turning it off, turn on your cold and hot water gradually. Allow the water flow through for half a minute. Then turn off your water and tighten your filter again onto your tap.

Thatโ€™s it! You have just completed installing a set of brand new taps yourself. Fantastic!