dorf_tapwareThe all new Maximus stainless steel sink mixers for kitchen has come out of the stable of Dorf, Australiaโ€™s foremost tapware manufacturer.

Dorf has experimented for the first time and have manufactured this unique sink mixer from stainless steel and added to its exclusive range of products. To get the ultimate ease of use for the users, Maximus stainless steel sink mixers have an elegant blend of utility and design.

The main characteristic of the all new Maximus stainless steel sink mixer is its unique design that is tall with vault twisted gush that enables for a 360-degree easy rotation. This feature generates more space for complicated tasks that require extra space around the sink area, resulting into greater comfort to complete the task.

mixer_tapDue to the sturdy stainless steel body, the all new multipurpose Maximus sink mixer provides solid resistance from rust and is safe guarded from excessive heat and cold conditions. This makes Maximus sink mixer the perfect choice to carry out hectic kitchen tasks. Also, the smooth outer area of the mixer enables faster clean ups.

Whatโ€™s more, Maximus stainless steel sink mixers are manufactured with Dorfโ€™s unique water and energy competent technology to provide the right stability between water savings and enhanced performance. The product is tested for achieving a 5-star WELS rating for water competence.

Chief Characteristics of Maximus Stainless Steel Sink Mixers by Dorf:

  • Tall, vault twisted gush that permits for 360-degree easy rotation
  • European spare parts and a 35mm ceramic disc sealed unit
  • Sturdy stainless steel built-up body
  • Allows for temperature control and effortless water flow
  • Waterproof seal guards against leaks, reduces product maintenance and saves water and energy
  • 5-star WELS rating for water competence