Caroma Essence Rail ShowerTo add to the exciting range of showers, the leading Australian manufacturer Caroma has launched the newest bathroom accessory in the form of Essence showers. The new Essence range of showers has many varied models and spraying styles.

Maintaining its rich design, the new range of Essence showers delivers great usability and comfort and a dazzling look. It comes with a polished chrome finish too. The product has all variations like rail shower with overhead, solo function rail showers, and multifunction rail showers.

To give a variety of comfortable showering options, the Caroma Essence rail shower with overhead gives refreshing shower that comes with two shower heads. The flexible hand shower on rail offers the utmost ease while the liberal overhead shower provides lavish spraying positions in Normal, Champagne and Jet options.

To permit each shower head to function individually or concurrently, the rail shower with overhead comes with a cautious dial control diverter on the rail. Also, the easy gliding rail adjustments are built-in with a handy attached soap bowl.

Caroma Essence single function rail shower features a simple and effective spray function. On the other hand, to give greater comfort and ease, Caroma Essence multifunction rail showers offer three spraying options namely Normal, Champagne and Jet. Both shower models also feature the effortless slide rail adjustment with inbuilt soap bowl.

To acquire a sparkling finish, all joints and connection positions are rightly fitted into every shower. To give stability to the showers, a long lasting chrome polish has been given. All Caroma Essence showers are apt for new installations only. For water competence, the product has achieved WELS 3 star ratings.