Taps and More stock an extensive range of smart and elegant bath spouts to instantly improve the feel and look of any bathroom renovation for you. Enjoy a lavish and pleasurable bath by installing wall-mounted, floor-mounted or hob-mounted bath spouts.

Wall Mounted Bath Spouts

Wall Mounted Bath SpoutsA wall mounted bath spout has a minimalist design yet looks graceful. While their looks are the main factor that builds their popularity; however, their functionality is also highly remarkable. A wall mounted spout can be cleaned easily, can be mounted at any height and saves both bathtub edge space and floor space. Taps and More range of wall mounted bath spouts are elegant and amazingly simple to install. Our wide-ranging wall mounted spout includes:

  • Epic Cascade Bath Outlet
  • Myriad Cross Bath Outlet – Square Flange
  • OS Curved Design Bathroom Wall Bath Spout
  • OS Curved Waterfall Bathroom Wall Bath Spout
  • OS-III Rectangular Bathroom Wall Bath Spout
  • OS Water Fall Design Bathroom Wall Bath Spout
  • Rossto Doress Bathroom Curved Wall Bath Spout

Floor Mounted Bath Spouts

Floor mounted bath spout make a great addition to a free-standing bath. Now, you can make a style statement by installing a floor mounted bath spout. A floor mounted tapware is usually regarded to be the most distinctive of the three (the other two are wall mounted and hob mounted). This unit basically combines practicality and artwork. With simplistic yet impressive design it is the ideal addition for today’s modern, freestanding bathtubs. The tap is installed beside the bathtub and it connects directly to the floor. Thus, through the floor, water is brought up. Our range of floor mounted spout includes:

  • Rossto Square Floor Bathroom Bath Spout Rounded
  • Rossto Round Floor Bathroom Bath Spout

Hob Mounted Bath Spouts

Hob mounted spouts get fixed straight onto the bath hob. A hob mounted bath spout renders your bathroom with a minimalist look yet stays highly functional. Choose a hob mounted bath spout from the exclusive range of Taps and More:Hob Mounted Bath Spouts

  • Methven Ovalo Hob Mounted Bathroom Bath/ Spa Outlet Gooseneck
  • Bastow Federation Curved Hob Spa Swivel Outlet

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