One of the main appliances of an elegant bathroom is an electric heated towel rail. These heated towel rails have gained popularity among individuals who want to relax in their bathrooms after a tiring day.

The main advantage of these heated towel rails is that you may get warm towels throughout the year. Many people think that these rails serve only the purpose of keeping your towels warm, but the fact is that they are also helpful in keeping your bathroom dry to some level.

Dual heated towel rails are considered the best ones because they can operate with the help of electricity or central heating. You can get them in various sizes, finishes, and styles. They are built purposely to produce heat through electricity or central heating as the power source. If you would like to run the rails through electricity, then plug-in the element into heated towel rails. It works great in the summer season because at this time, you do not use central heating. These electric towel rails turn hotter while using electricity rather than natural gas.

They come in many sizes. You should consider various factors while selecting the size of a rail, like the size of your bathroom, number of towels in usage, quality of the insulation, and the number of members in your house. The smallest one is of about 32 inches tall and 12 inches wide, whereas the largest one available may be over 71 inches wide and high.

These heated towel rails are available in white, gold and chrome finishes, and personalised heated towel rails are also obtainable in various varieties. These rails are manufactured by chrome, soft steel, or brass, but a few manufacturers also make the use of copper and nickel. The stainless steel heated rail is considered as the best among all of the available types.

These towel warmers will also help in preventing mildew in damp and high humidity environments.