These days, stylish bath spouts, bath spout with diverters and taps adorn the bathroom and kitchen space of any home. You will get a variety of branded bath spouts and taps to pick from and you can choose as per your kitchen and bathroom interiors and design. Some of the well known brands that supply the finest range of bath spouts and taps are Dorf, Rossto, Novelli, Methven and Bastow among others.

Install Bath Spouts that Match with Your Bathroom Interiors

Bath Spouts

The meek bath spout has truly become a piece of pride inside the bathroom space. Bath spouts are obtainable in 3 essential styles โ€“ floor mounted, wall mounted and hob mounted respectively. Bath spouts that are mounted on the floor are known as floor mounted. A bath spout that pops out from the wall is known as wall mounted. When a bath spout is mounted on the flat surface area surrounding the bath, its known as hob mounted.

Bath spouts can either be fixed or revolving, plain or aerated and they are obtainable in diverse lengths and polishes. Moreover, bath spouts can be utilized either with a traditional tap handles or a mixer. You will need to carefully plan the gap (i.e. space) that you need to keep between the bath and mounting position of the spout. Spouts are available in diverse length to match any reach requirement.

Bathroom Taps

Bathroom Taps

We have seen constant innovation in bathroom taps and they continue to develop. Right from tap sets to mixers, there is now limitless number of exciting options to choose from.

Now, the main concentration is on water savings. With the help of WELS star rating system, you can select a tap precisely based on its water saving ability.

Bathroom taps are available in 2 broad categories โ€“ mixer and three piece set. With each category, you get limitless design and style applications to select from.

Three Piece Tap Sets

Traditional and standard taps are accessible in diverse shapes, sizes and colours. Each set constitutes of 3 separate categories – a cold tap, hot tap and an outlet. The taps are also known as assemblies. The cold tap ought to be installed on the right and hot tap on the left.

Mixer Taps

Basin Top – Tap Set

The taps that are mounted on the basin or vanity units are known as basin top sets.

Wall – Tap Set

Usually for showers or baths, wall tap sets are mounted on a wall. These days, wall tap sets are also increasingly installed for wall hung basins.

Mixer Taps

Compared to traditional taps, mixer taps offer a functional alternative. As cold and hot water is mixed to get the desired temperature when it passes via a cartridge in the unit itself and so they are referred as mixer taps. Mixer taps are obtainable in stylish and graceful designs, facilitates for ergonomic smooth one hand operation and rightly it has become the well-liked alternative for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.