Modern bathrooms and bathroom accessories have played a key role in controlling bacterial and viral diseases worldwide. Donโ€™t believe us? Let us see how.

In the past 50 years or so, we have managed to control disease outbreaks and epidemics by adopting good sanitation practices. However, many parts in Asia, Africa and South America are still facing the brunt of water, air and food borne diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, etc. The main causes are contaminated water and infected foods.ย  Human farces contain bacteria and viruses that cause disease. If there is poor sanitation and human waste is discharged into rivers, people may catch infections through contact with polluted water.
The main reason why most countries in Europe and the USA have managed to contain dangerous epidemics is proper disposal of human waste through modern sanitation practices. Good sanitation practices include:

1.ย ย ย  Supply of fresh water from source to consumers through efficient plumbing system.
2.ย ย ย  Carrying human waste through leak proof sewers to sewage plants where the waste is treated chemically and cleaned.
3.ย ย ย  Disposal of clean sewage: liquid residues allowed to go into rivers, etc. and solids used to make manure.

Bathrooms accessories play crucial role in the first two activities above and help prevent the diseases.ย  How? Poor quality, leaking pipes and taps and overflowing drains could potentially release human wastes back into soil, which could ultimately find its way to rivers, etc thereby repeating the life cycle of deadly bacteria and viruses.

It is therefore vital to use standard quality bathroom accessories for the sake of our health. Taps and More supplies finest quality, water saving taps, shower heads, bath mixer taps, kitchen taps etc in different styles and materials to suit all kinds of budgets.