Heated Towel Rail

Do you want to enjoy the warm and cozy bath towel when getting out of a shower? Well, so why not invest in something that will keep you and your bathroom warm and snug? Yes, by investing in a heated towel rail you can often experience a bit of luxurious feel at truly affordable rates.

But, there are a number of things to consider before you step ahead. Take a minute before you purchase your heated towel rails and think of the features you want to have for your bathroom. Take a look at this comprehensive guide of heated towel rails before you buy the one for you. This guide will surely help you choose the perfectly suitable towel rail for your bathroom.

Basic knowledge of Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rail

Are you planning to install a heated towel rail in your bathroom, but confused about what should be the features? Well, you can now get the ideal one for you by considering certain important things.

Yes, it’s true. Finding one of the best suitable towel rails from different choices is an overwhelming situation but there’s nothing to fear about. What are the towel rail heat outputs, what the BTU calculator says, different sizes of heated towel rails, what should be the cost of your towel rail, etc. are certain questions that should be considered well before buying it.

What are the outputs of your Heated Towel Rail?

One of the most prevalent and reliable output standards is BTU. It stands for British Thermal Units. Basically, it works like this – the lower the hourly output, the less effective your towel rail will be and the higher the hourly output, the more effective your heated towel rail will be. Well, the power of the heated towel rails depends upon the size. If you go for a large sized rail, it would be more powerful in terms of output and vice versa.

In fact, there are these different sizes available and hence according to its sizes, the output differs. Hence, if you wish to know the output, make the use of BTU calculator.

What are the sizes of Heated Towel Rail?


When it comes to selecting a towel rail for your bathroom, it is important to consider the size of the bathroom. Yes, the size of your heated towel rail should reflect the size and structure of your bathroom. If you have a small sized bathroom, a small heated towel rail is great and if you have a spacious bathroom, you will need a towel rail with higher BTU output and bigger dimensions.

In fact, at tapsandmore.com.au, we stock a range of different sized heated towel rails. Taking from compact-sized towel rails to spacious bathroom towel rails, you can select the best one for your bathroom.

What about the best towel storage?

The towel storage is very important to consider because there are many members who would be using the bathroom. Hence, consider the number of people using the bathroom and choose the one for you.

For a family with more number of members, a large towel rail with a number of towel bars is suitable because it will hold a number of towels at a time. And with a small sized family, small towel rails are good to go with.

Not only the number of members using the bathroom decides the heated towel rail but the size of the bathroom as well is important. If your bathroom is spacious enough, big sized heated towel rail is advisable. Make sure to ask for additional towel rail bathroom accessories when buying it. Additional features such as storage shelves and other usable accessories will help you keep your clothes in the bathroom itself.

What should be the cost of the Heated Towel Rail?

Well, there are many factors that should be considered while determining the suitable cost of your heated towel rail. If you’re going to use it regularly, buying a towel rail in conjunction with dual fuel adapter and the electric heating element is the best.
The component of T-piece adaptors works to run the towel rail independently in the bathroom without heating any other area in your home.

If you want to buy a heated towel rail and different bathroom accessories, Tapsandmore stocks a range of different sized and styled collection of towel rails. Selecting the one will surely enhance the beauty of your bathroom as well as fulfil your towel rail heating demands.