Heated towel rails provide heat to your bathroom and dry your bath towels. Due to heated towel rails, now you can get a fresh, clean and warm towel to wipe your body after every bath. A heated towel rail warms up your towels in colder months and assists to make your mornings cosier. Heated towel rails are accessible in a range of shapes and sizes to suit any type of the bathroom style or size.

Heated Towel Rails

How does a Heated Towel Rail Work?

To begin with, there are two types of heated towel rails and they are hydronic and electronic. Both hydronic and electronic towel rails provide different levels of heating; however, they eventually attain the same result.

Hydronic Towel Rails

For operating a hydronic towel rail, a hydronic heating system needs to be installed in the home. By circulating warm water through the connected rail pipes, hydronic towel rail will not only heat the towels but also can render radiant heat to the bathroom.

Electronic Towel Rails

Unlike a hydronic heating system, an electronic towel rail renders a task of directing heat to the towel and not to its surrounding area. An electronic towel rail is attached straight to your home’s wiring and is controlled by a power point switch.

What is the Best Suited Application?

Heated towel rails are suited to all kinds of environment. The only exclusion to this would be a hydronic system, which would perfectly suit in a colder climate as its remaining overheating effect will benefit the rest of the bathroom. If electric heated towel rails are not needed during the warmer months then you can effortlessly switch off the power point.

In the same manner, hydronic heated towel rail is equipped with individual thermostat controls so these can be easily turned on or off at the individual unit without affecting the entire home’s heating system.

Style and Size

Both electronic and hydronic heated towel rails are accessible in a range of styles and sizes. They are accessible in a single or double rail, which can fit in one or two towels or they can be used for a bigger vertical application that can effortlessly hang multiple towels.


What’s more, they come fitted with a top shelf that facilitates you to effortlessly stack your towels on it. What size of a heated towel rail will you require? It will depend upon the space of your bathroom and the number of users accessing a bathroom.

Benefits of Heated Towel Rail

Depending on whether you install a hydronic or an electronic heated towel system, the benefits of heated towel rail can differ.

  • Hydronic heated towel rail provides additional room heating.
  • Electronic heated towel rail is accessible in budget friendly alternatives.
  • You get warm towels in both.
  • The range of sizes and designs are available in both.

Summing Up

Now that you have got the information regarding heated towel rails, you can make a well-informed decision next time when you go to purchase a heated towel rail for your beautiful bathroom. At Taps and More, you’ll get a huge selection of high-quality heated towel rails of reputed brands at affordable prices.