of the people today do not have time to take a relaxed bath. In such a situation when time has become an expensive commodity even for the bathing experience, bathing showers are what come to your rescue. Bathing shower lets you take a quick bath to get going for the day. It not only provides you a quick yet ultimate water experience but also adds a lot of beauty to the ambience of your bathroom. And a beautiful ambience sets the mood for a refreshing finish.

Invigra Hand Shower

There is a vast range of bathroom showers available in the market. They are different in terms of style, design, shapes and sizes. Some showers may belong to a traditional category and some to the luxury category. The traditional category consists of the most common showers, with a simple and practical functionality. Luxury category consists of showers that have elegant and innovative designs. The new technology and modern stylish designers have drastically transformed the face of the simple bathroom fixture (shower). The widely used bathroom showers are of several types, namely; Manual Shower Valves which are easy to use, common showers that have a single level control. Thermostatic Shower Valves; that have a maintained level of temperature and flow of cold and hot water together. Twin Shower Valves has showers with twin controls to manage the flow and temperature of water. Triple Shower Valves have showers with triple controls to manage the water diverter, flow and temperature of water. Shower Panels are a

nother type of showers which include a fixed shower head, several body jets, hand held shower, diverter and a thermostatic shower valve.

Bathroom showers have become an ever-growing trend because of the functional and aesthetic aspects that belong to them. Select your showers as well as other bathroom accessories while you are looking for perfect bathroom renovations and make your bathroom look classy. The use of new upbeat technology and innovative designs has revolutionized the bathroom showers in functionality and looks.