Fresh Bathroom Look Infographic

Transcription of Above Infographic


A bathroom is indispensable for everyday use, and when it is augmented by a little bit of luxury, it will give a welcoming feel, and you’ll love to use your bathroom every morning and evening! We’ll show you how to accomplish it without going for a full-fledged bathroom renovation

    • Mixer Tap: A mixer tap is a resourceful accessory; cold and hot water from the two valves is mixed before it reaches the outlet, facilitating the water to come out at any temperature between that of the cold and hot water supplies. If you don’t have mixer taps installed in your bathroom, you can buy stylish mixer taps and get them installed, after removing the existing ordinary taps. If your existing bathroom taps are not working properly, you have got the chance to replace them by installing brand new elegant mixer taps.


    • Shower: Suppose your bathroom shower is not functioning properly or it’s quite old, you may consider installing new shower in your bathroom, which will not only serve the purpose well but also will enhance your bathroom’s appearance.


    • Tapware: There is an awesome range of basin set, bath set, laundry set, shower set, wall shower, etc. from which you can choose and make your bathroom spirited and sparkling.


    • Bath Spout: Bath spout has an ageless design that will change the appearance and feel of your bathroom. If you don’t have one in your bathroom, consider installing an appealing and functional bath spout.


    • Heated Towel Rails: When you install heated towel rails, you will not only have a warm and dry towel after the bath but it will also augment the overall look of your bathroom. If heated towel rail isn’t there in your bathroom, you can install one.


    • Bathroom Accessories: There are other great bathroom accessories such as double towel rail, glass shelf, hand towel bar, soap dish, toilet roll holder, towel rail, towel shelf and many more. They are small accessories but can make your bathroom lively.


    • Changing Paint or Splashback: If you think your bathroom is dull, you can consider painting your bathroom interiors with fresh new colour; if splashbacks are used, consider changing it with fresh new colour. When changing the colour of the paint or getting a new splashback for your bathroom, carefully choose the most suitable colour for the paint/splashback that will make your bathroom cheerful and vibrant. Colours like light pink or light green are suggested for keeping the atmosphere light and pleasant.


The above-mentioned are few things that you can perform to give a new breeze of life to your existing bathroom.