Bathroom shower and shower heads are simple piece of equipment producing a spray of water that you stand under to wash yourself. You may ask what could be further innovation in so inconsequential a thing; after all, the purpose of a bathroom shower is to spray water through a metal or plastic rose. A lot, if you ask us.

It would be interesting to know that right from the time of the aqueducts constructed during the Roman civilization until mid-19th century there was virtually no improvement in plumbing and sewage systems. With the advent of piped water and underground sewage system, innovations began to appear in sanitary ware and tap ware. Even then, the progress was very slow. As recent as 20 years or so back, all bathrooms contained ordinary, unattractive looking taps and showers.

Today, we have hundreds of brands of taps and shower heads that are not only the works of art but that also provider great bathing experience. Instead of a single bathroom shower, you can have a complete shower suite with multiple shower heads that dispense water from all sides. There are also automatic showers that discharge hot, cold or mixed water according to programmed settings such as spout, spray, jet, mist, cone, etc from different angles and with variable force.

In contrast to the old type bathroom shower that look ordinary and that are prone to sediment clogging, scaling and leaking, modern no-maintenance showers are completely leak proof and water saving devices.