Buying mixer taps is a decision that must be taken carefully so as to have a well coordinated and well matched designer bathroom and its furnishings.

Mixer taps are some of the most important bathroom furnishings when a bathroom is designed as per your wishes. If you want an oriental theme in the bathroom- on the lines of a Turkish bath, or an Egyptian tub, you can opt for designs where mixer taps are made of the same material as the tub or the pool and sometimes, match the colors of the bath. If however, you want a stately English bathroom, you can choose from a variety of options in the design catalogue. You can have a wooden bath, with mixer taps that are made of a material that made from wood and metal. This makes the tap resistant to decayed wood in the long run and the woody substance prevents rusting. This amalgamation is a new invention and has recently come out. This wonderful invention is available online on some websites who market this product most exclusively.

Mixer taps are also used as kitchen sink furnishings. The tap has two valves where in one valve brings out cold water and the other brings out hot water. There are models which have a small button near the foot of the top to help regulate the temperature of the water.
Mixer taps are revolutionary designs and a must have for all those who love to enjoy a good ambience at bath time.