Modern-day bathroom taps, shower mixer taps have been well accepted, they have replaced the more traditional, and to some extent dated, hot and cold water taps of the past. Mixer taps provide many advantages that old-fashioned hot and cold taps just don’t possess.

Moreover, due to the ongoing innovations that are linked with their manufacture, mixer taps have even advanced beyond the original use for bathroom applications and have become an essential part of routine plumbing in the kitchen as well. These days, shower mixer taps have also become all the rage just as mixer taps for sinks replacing the out-dated dual taps of older homes.


bathroom mixer taps


Due to its utter adaptability, the majority of the kitchen mixer taps maintain a regular amount of deterioration these days because of their constant use. Surely, there are ways through which you can increase the life and overall serviceability of your kitchen taps, to avert or holdup pricey repairs or costly replacements. Similar to any other tap, mixer taps also require regular checks for any leakages or indications of rust formation.

Shower Mixer Taps a Necessity in Modern Bathrooms


shower mixer taps

Homeowners are selecting shower mixer taps, as it has the capability to provide a steady flow of water at particular temperatures, hot or piping hot that can be altered as per individual’s specific requirements.

Thus, shower mixer taps have become a necessity in every bathroom, as it can control steady water temperature. You can enjoy this ideal investment day after day, year-round, receiving the right water temperature from your shower each time.

The Importance of Regular Scrubbing & Cleaning


Regular general maintenance includes old-styled vigorous cleaning to ensure keeping any corrosion or calcification away. Even though bathroom taps and shower mixer taps are used on a daily basis, these require regular scrubbing and cleaning to avert rust, mildew or mould from forming.

Buy Premium Mixer Taps & Shower Mixer Taps for Complete Peace of Mind


Taps and More supplies high-quality mixer taps of renowned brands like Dorf, Caroma, Rossto and more for modern bathrooms and kitchens. These mixer taps are made from non-corrosive material and so they can be cleaned with a variety of cleaning agents and chemical compounds that are commonly used in modern kitchen set-ups.

Thanks to these premium quality mixer taps and shower mixer taps, they are simple to clean, effortless to use with one single lever and installing these is a breeze, as it does not involve drilling into the walls and extracting tiles. Actually, shower mixer taps can be easily installed and can be ready for use instantly, and they are perfect for people with low hand function.