There is nothing more relaxing and exhilarating than taking a shower after a hectic day or after you have been through a session of jogging or any sort of exercise. Hot or cold, a few minutes in shower rejuvenates your body and mind.

bathroom shower rails

Until some years ago, all Shower Heads used to be similar both in looks and performance โ€“ leaking, dripping and wasting a lot of water.ย  Modern showers on the other hand are extremely stylish, sleek and water efficient with dozens of styles of water delivery โ€“sprays, squirts, jets, mists, droplets, torrents, cascade etc. Modern showers are also a complex combination of electronic and mechanical parts with capability of mixing hot and cold water according to user-induced settings.

Plumbing has really come of age as far as showers are concerned. It would be interesting to note that while in case of taps or faucets, style and design ย are the main criteria (as all taps displace water in more or less the same way), it is not so in case of showers. In addition to style, design and technology, showers are ruled by features like water mixing and the way they deliver water.

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