Undoubtedly, kitchen mixer tap is the most labouring piece of equipment in the home. Right from rinsing vegetables to filling the kettle, it is used all through the day, day after day. Thus, it is very important to invest in a tap that not only looks elegant but is made to endure.

The Design 

A kitchen tap must be selected for its right balance of design and functionality. It should augment the work area and should be easy to use even with oily hands. To make sure a correct alteration of water flow or temperature, a smooth handling of the lever is essential. To echo the transparency of the room, pick a single-lever mixer with polished lines for an architectural open-plan space. Choose a two-handle mixer for a traditional kitchen. Enthusiastic cooks will like mousseurs and pull-out rinsing sprays as both make light work of rinsing out pots.

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Tap with Single Lever

Single-lever mixer taps assist you to control the flow of the water and temperature with just one hand. Ceramic discs in the tap-cartridge permit fingertip control of the water mix, which makes your other hand totally free to use the rinsing spray. At the side or on the top of the tap body, levers can be mounted.

Tap with Two Handle
The sophisticated design of two handle tap facilitates it to adjust to any kitchen surrounding. On the worktop or the sink, it is installed in a single hole and features individual handles or levers to control the cold and hot water supplies.

Tap Finishes
In all kitchens styles, chrome and stainless steel taps blend nicely. Stainless steel is a material that is recognised for its anti-bacterial qualities and it gives a professional look. Radiant chrome will augment the kitchen space and uplift the look of composite work surfaces and sinks.

What to look for
Look for a tough metal tap body having ceramic discs in the cartridge for soft user-friendly propulsion. Choose a design with eternal magnetism because quality taps will endure a lifetime. Buying cheap kitchen tapware is actually costlier because you’ll have to change them in a few years time. If you have a tight budget, try saving money on other things in the kitchen. Select kitchen tap having a guarantee, which exhibits the manufacturer’s confidence in its products whereby the maker is sure that its products are going to deliver for the years to come. Nonetheless, prior to your purchase, ensure that your water pressure is compatible with the tap that you’re going to buy.