Looking to install new showerhead in your bathroom but aren’t sure what kind of fixture will perfectly match with your bathroom interiors. Don’t worry, we can assist you! As there is a variety of showerhead options available in the market, shopping for a brand new showerhead can be an intimidating task. When choosing the right showerhead for your bathroom, you need to take into consideration your precise requirements and lifestyle, especially how you’re going to use your shower. For instance: Is it for your private use or will the entire family bathe there? You also need to take into account the kind of spray pattern you like. Lighter rain-like droplets or a full, heavy, massaging spray, would you prefer? Also, along with your budget, the size and design of your bathroom will come into play.

The different varieties are:

  •       A wall-mounted unit or a recessed design
  •       A fixed or handheld shower
  •       A single, basic showerhead or a complete shower system with many water outlets

We’ll walk you through some of the common types of shower heads and sprays, which will help you to identify the fixture style that’s right for you and your graceful bathroom – one that improves the practicality of your bathing area and delivers an enjoyable showering experience, too.

1. Practical & Family-Friendly

Don’t look any further than a handheld showerhead if you desire for a shower that makes bathing a breeze for young and old in the same manner. Intended to sit in a wall bracket or hook up to a wall-mounted, height-adjustable sliding bar, these removable family-friendly fixtures render extra reach and control when showering. This feature makes them perfect for elder family members or those with restricted mobility who may have problem washing tough-to-reach places. Also, they’ll turn out to be very convenient when rinsing your hair, bathing your young ones as well as giving a wash to your four-legged friend and even cleaning your shower area.

Invigra Hand Shower

2. Hassle Free

An effortless way to upgrade the look of your bathroom is through changing your showerhead. If you’ve a stiff budget or are pleased with a standard shower fixture, free of all the bells and whistles, you may select a wall-mounted showerhead that may provide a simple showering experience but 5-star style. You can also try an extra-large or lustrous square-shaped showerhead.


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3. Environment Awareness 

Do you and your family actively look for ways to lower your water consumption and carbon footprint? A simple way to do your bit for the environment is by changing your water-guzzling showerhead for a low-flow fixture, which will also save money at the same time.

When looking to purchase a brand new water-smart shower, you should compare the WELS system ratings of the fixtures on your short-list (3 stars is the highest rating for shower heads), which will state the water efficiency of the showerhead and how economical it is to use.

4. Revitalising & Soothing

After a long exhausting day, if your preferred place to relax is in the shower, under a continuous flow of steaming hot water then a rain shower (or rainfall showerhead) is a must have add-on for your bathroom. For unwinding, revitalising and soothing showering experience, these opulent fittings imitate the calming experience of rainfall.


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5. Luxury Similar to Spa

The shower set-up like spa is perfect for those who value superior things in life and desire a tranquil, luxurious space where they can relax and treat themselves at the end of each day. Ideally, a shower set-up like spa can feature a hand shower, dual rain shower heads and multiple body sprays to give a gripping heavenly showering feel.

6. Multifunctional

If you swap between an enjoyable, gentle shower one day and an energetic, massage-like showering experience the next day then a multifunctional showerhead is a perfect solution for your bathroom that renders an array of spray patterns.

Multifunctional showerhead

Typically such a multifunctional showerhead nozzle come with three settings viz. soft, normal and pulsating massage, which permits users to customise the shower to suit their requirements and mood. Also, some of the models feature jet, aerating, mist and water-saving settings.

Here is the list of best multifunction shower heads

7. Character

Suppose you’re beautifying style is bright, bold and a bit exceptional then a basic chrome showerhead may be slightly too ordinary and boring for you. Get some playfulness and present your character by picking a shower fixture that is operational yet trendy. For example, gold-colour wall-mounted rain shower – it will augment ocular curiosity and temperament to the whole sand-colour bathing area, which is elegant and stands out.

8. Two in One

Are you unable to determine between a rainfall showerhead, a handheld fixture and a traditional wall-mounted? No problem, there’s a solution to this – as you can now enjoy the best of both worlds with a dual head shower that provides a double hit of practicality and style, not to state a customisable and refreshing shower.

Although plush, these shower heads that can be operated separately or together are not the most water-efficient fixtures available. Thus, you should verify its water efficiency labelling and standards (WELS) scheme rating before making your final decision to purchase the showerhead option in Sydney.

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