The next time you see tapware forsale; dont lunge for it just because it seems pretty. Brass taps are novel and classy, chrome mixer taps are tech-forward and sleek, your basic porcelain fixtures will get the job done- but take a minute to think about what will flow with the style of your bathroom, or help to lift it a notch or two.

Think about convenience.

How easy to use is the handle or knob? Is it suited to the water pressure of your home? Are the labels for hot and cold inbuilt? If it is indeed a mixer tap, how efficient is the temperature control? Think about the finish and feel of it- how would it look in the lighting your bathroom offers? Does your bathroom have bright walls that would clash with burnished tap fittings? And finally, think budget- how important is the high-end product in the scheme of bathroom renovation? Do you want it more than you need it? There are plenty of tapware for sale but you may not need it all.

>> If youโ€™re building a childrenโ€™s bathroom, add novel tapware- steering wheels or helm shapes, for example.

>> Buy new tapware that has fewer surfaces that will need polishing or other maintenance. Carved handles are a no-no.

>> Make sure the fittings are the right size, so that turning the tap handle doesnโ€™t become a hindrance.

Bob The (Bathroom) Builder

When renovating your bathroom, it can be difficult to keep your enthusiasm in check. Here are some stalwart fixes for a dodgy loo that are easy on both the eyes and the budget. Remember, choosing the right bathroom accessories are important.

>> Apply floor tiles creatively to draw attention away from cramped corners. Your bathroom floor doesnโ€™t need (or want!) a rug or carpeting. Have some fun with it!

>> Add a strip of skirting to your walls in white or a neutral shade to give the illusion of width.

>> Build chests and drawers into your walls to save space and emanate a minimalistic vibe.

>> Refurbish old countertops with new finishes- decoupage covered in glass, mosaics, inlaid press flowers, frosted glass patterns – the world of bathroom DIYs is your oyster.

>> Place your exhaust fan or other ventilation in an intelligent place so as to avoid odour and drafts in the bathroom while not making the mechanism or structure conspicuous.

>> Add ambient lighting- fairy lights or rice bulbs, for example, to the ceiling of your bathroom. Soft track lights work great as well. Theyโ€™re soothing to the eyes and go with most kinds of decor.

Sashay, Shante!

Bathroom accessories are fantastic implements to accentuate some features of your bathroom and disguise others. Here are some ideas to consider as you accessorize your loo:

>> To add perceived length and a dose of pizzazz to a low-ceilinged bathroom, add trendy accessories with height- a carved wooden separating screen or long ombre curtain would work well.

>> Try to avoid shower curtains in dark colours, as they tend to shrink perceived space.
To create the impression of length, go for long, rectangular, frameless mirrors over your sink rather than circular or oval-shaped ones.

>> Turn your hanging pegs into pop art by placing them on consecutive circles of varying colours. Such spots of colour draw the eye away from parts of your bathroom you arenโ€™t happy with.

>> Incense sticks are functional, fashionable bathroom accessories that attract attention and keep your loo fragrant for extended periods.

These tips will have you on your way to Bathroom Nirvana in no time.