It’s not an easy task to choose the right kitchen tapware! You will want your tap to serve all its basic functions well such as render a smooth flow of water for cooking, drinking, food preparation and cleaning as well as it should make your cooking zone more handy and resourceful to work in, too; at the same time it should suit the kitchen design and look stunning. Your kitchen, bath, shower, vanity and laundry taps will all have varied needs, and selecting sets that go with the interiors and at the same time perform the task they’re designed for, efficiently, can at times become tricky. You may opt to purchase the taps as a comprehensive set which will save your time; however, customising each tap to suit its utility can often look better – what may work for the kitchen might look inappropriate in the shower and likewise. Here below are the types of kitchen taps that are in the trend.

Types of Kitchen Taps

Mixer Taps
Mixer taps can be spotted in most of the modern homes in Australia. Mixer taps have this unique capability of mixing hot and cold water inside and from just a single spout both hot and cold water are dispensed. Thus, mixer taps are a more handy and practical option. Mixer tap is extremely easy to use, which is it’s another big advantage. With the back of your hand or wrist, a single handle style mixer tap can be turned on or off and is thus incredible for those having sore wrists, fingers or thumbs.

Water Efficient Taps
In order to save water and energy, wherever it is possible, always opt for taps that come with the highest WELS rating. The only exception is your bath taps – these are actually just used for filling a bath and for this purpose limiting its flow attains nothing. On the contrary, the faster your bath taps fill the bath, the more resourceful they are, as you restrict the volume of heat lost while the bath is filling up.

Washerless Taps
These days, washerless taps are obtainable in three main variants and they are cartridge, ball and ceramic disc taps. All three of these tap variants will aid in cutting down on the amount of plumbing maintenance needed.

Kitchen Taps
• Cartridge taps come with a lever that controls a brass or plastic cartridge, which moves up and down to limit the flow and from left to right to alter the temperature.

• Ball taps operate by pushing a hollow stainless steel or plastic ball over a rounded cover that controls the flow and the temperature of the water. These mechanisms are rather intricate and are more vulnerable to leaks compared to other tap types.

• Ceramic disc taps have two ceramic plates that slide over each other to control flow and temperature and need minimal of maintenance when compared to all the tap types.

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