Christie plans for affordable bathroom renovation and she is looking for brilliant taps that would help her to carry out routine kitchen chores easily by efficiently utilizing water. Certainly, Christie needs considering several things while buying a new set of taps for her new kitchen and bathroom.

Novelli Kitchen Taps

The first thing to consider is selecting a dependable and durable tap. The other things that she needs to mull over are the tap design and finish quality that would perfectly match with the interiors.

The other vital factor we all know about is water is a very valuable resource and needs to be used wisely. Thus, the insistence is on buying taps that have WELS ratings and so she need to look for WELS symbol when purchasing brand new taps. Here below are some vital tips that she could reflect on while purchasing brand new taps.

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Types of Taps

Today, there are more choices than ever before and selecting a tap is not an easy task. The different types of taps can be defined as below:

  • Mixer taps
  • Pullout taps
  • Hot and cold filter taps

Mixer taps give you the convenience of having water at the set temperature as both cold and hot water is mixed in and delivers the water at a temperature that you have set. Mixer taps have peculiarly designed lever wherein horizontal movement helps in controlling the water temperature and the vertical movement helps in controlling the water flow. You can precisely control the water temperature when you install mixer taps. Chrome is a common finish for the majority of mixer taps as it is long lasting and also aesthetically very pleasing to the eyes.

Mixer Taps

Pullout taps make it super easy to wash and clean your dishes as they come with a flexible hose that facilitates you to manage the spray of water to perfectly suit your needs. When there are bulky pots and pans to be washed and cleaned, this pullout tap is very convenient and practical to use.

Hot and cold filter taps provide you a quick supply of hot or cold purified water. This saves you from the hassles of boiling the kettle or buying pricey bottled water. The tap can be fitted alongside your kitchen sink, next to your usual tap; and the filtering system is intended to be installed beneath your kitchen benchtop. Once this is properly installed, you can have hot or cold water at the flip of a lever that is ideal for all those who have tight and busy lifestyles. What’s more, these taps are eco-friendly choice as they use less energy compared to an electric kettle and lower the quantity of plastic bottles that goes into landfill.

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Other Factors to Consider While Buying Taps:

The shape of the tap should generate a feeling of flow and symphony within your kitchen and so selecting a shape that perfectly matches and augments your new kitchen decor is imperative.

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Height of the tap is another very important aspect to think over. If you often require cleaning bigger items like trays, baking dishes, large platters, naturally a high tap-head would be ideal which will facilitate for easy washing and cleaning.

Tap head: Think about the design of the tap’¬ôs head. Some models come with a button that facilitates you to alter the way the water flows, thus producing a spray effect very identical to that of a shower head. This feature is particularly useful if you are rinsing and washing stubborn leftover food from your dishes.

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To suit your specific need, you can buy a single tap that provides only hot water or a single tap that provides only chilled water or a dual tap system that supplies both boiling and chilled water. Taps and More has a magnificent range of the finest bathroom and kitchen taps that includes top brands like Dorf, Caroma, Novelli, Bastow and more.