The history of sanitation and plumbing is not too old. The idea of piped water and drainage was unheard of until the second half of the nineteenth century. The invention of modern sanitation and plumbing system has had profound effect on human life. It drastically reduced disease-causing organisms and increased the average life span of humans the world over.

All that became possible because of hygienic system of piping network from the point of supply to the point of delivery that is our homes. At the very end of the whole system are taps or faucets as they are referred to in the US.

Today, taps are available in hundreds of varieties of style, design, function and materials. From cheapest ones in plastic material to ultra high-end in stainless steel, brass, ceramic and gold-plated taps, there is one for each according to choice and budget. Modern taps and valves are simple yet highly efficient gadgets that keep the pressured water in pipes until you turn them on. Unlike the ugly looking cast iron taps of the bygone era, todayโ€™s taps, sanitary ware and fittings are pieces of art made from the premier quality of metals and plastics.

Until a decade or two back, all taps looked similar. The purpose, after all, was to deliver water. Things began to change with innovations and customization in tap design and function according to customer-induced needs and demands.

Kitchen Taps are the most used tap ware than any other taps. Modern kitchen taps are built to discharge water with greater force in order to remove dirt and grease from plates, bowls, cutlery and crockery. In countries with cold climate, kitchen taps also have facility to deliver hot water.

Basin Taps are designed to deliver water in soft and slow stream so as not to splash water all around.

Mixer Taps are the most used accessory in bathrooms all around the world. They efficiently mix and deliver hot and cold water of the desired temperature in this mixer taps.
Combinations Taps are a mix of taps, handheld showers and overhead shower heads.ย 
Sensor Taps open and close automatically with hand movements and are great water savers.