Basin Mixer Tap

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer choice of taps available? Well, it’s quite obvious, but still, the question is which type of tap is best suitable with regards to your requirements?

How about a basin mixer tap? It is one of the best choices when it comes to bathroom accessories. Not only the look and style but its functions also fulfil your hot and cold water needs.

Hence, if you’re looking to buy a mixer tap for your kitchen, bath, or basin, has a beautiful collection of basin mixer taps for you! Here’s a brief guide on buying basin mixer tap that is perfectly suitable for your bathroom.

What is a Basin Mixer Tap?


A tap that delivers both the hot as well as cold water from a single spout is known as basin mixer tap. You can easily control the water temperature in a number of ways such as by fixing cross handle taps, using traditional screw down taps, and lever.

Types of Basin Mixer Taps


We have a huge range of styled basin mixer taps for sale at Hence, if you’re looking one for your bathroom as well, here’s a brief description of different types of basin mixer taps.

Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap

Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap

Are you willing to invest in a basin mixer tap that saves up enough space in your bathroom? Wall mounted basin mixer tap is a great option to go with. It is ideal for small spaced bathrooms. In fact, you can give your bathroom a really dynamic look with a dramatic feel of a waterfall.

Small Basin Mixer Tap

Small Basin Mixer Tap

If you’re having a small basin in your bathroom, it’s better to fix a small basin mixer tap. Well, a standard size tap can overpower your small basin whereas, on the other hand, a small mixer tap will work efficiently into space. In fact, if properly proportioned and installed, it gives a complimenting effect to your basin as well as your bathroom.

Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap

Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap

One of the most popular types of mixer taps that are increasing the trend is waterfall basin mixer taps. Basically, it works in easily cascading the flow of the water into your basin with a waterfall look. Waterfall basin mixer tap is the best example of relaxing and calming effect in your bathroom.

Tall Basin Mixer Tap

Tall Basin Mixer Tap

Tall basin mixer taps are also known as high rise mixer taps. It is basically taller in size as compared to other mixer taps. Due to its tall structure, it can be easily mounted to any vanity or work surface. In fact, many of the people prefer selecting it as their bathroom tap option because it can be easily maintained and clean.

Benefits of Basin Mixer Taps

If you’re thinking that unlike other mixer taps, basin mixer taps also have the similar benefits, well it’s not true! They are completely different and have many efficient benefits.

The benefits are:

  • Basin mixer taps are great for all types of bathroom because of its flexibility
  • They are available in more contemporary and sleek look
  • Basin mixer taps are available with WELS ratings that can help you know the efficiency rate
  • It is a great mixer tap option for water temperature control
  • They are available in different finishes such as stainless steel, nickel, brushed steel, and pewter

Do you think basin mixer taps are compatible with your bathroom?

Well, to answer this question, it depends upon the basin in your bathroom. Mainly all of the basin mixer taps are designed with unvented high pressure, modulated combi boilers, and gravity fed. In fact, if your basin has two holes, you will need a two hole mixer tap and if your basin comprises a single hole, then a single hole tap is best suitable.

A single hole mixer tap is more prevalent and considered to be the latest trend in basin mixer taps whereas a two hole mixer tap is the traditional concept of mixer taps.
Hence, if you want to buy a basin mixer tap for your bathroom, visit our official website for more information. It’s always suggested check the product specifications and see if they match your requirements or not before buying it!