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  • Caroma


    Caroma taps have ruled the imagination of the sanitary ware market for over 60 years now. Being the leaders in tapware and mixers innovations and technology, Caroma Industries is one of the most reputed companies in the trade that has won several awards over the years. Caroma taps have an exquisite touch of style and are extremely water efficient. Most of the Caroma tapware products including the extremely popular Liano, Track and Opus brands, can be seen adorning many a basin, toilet suite, shower or spa, giving it a character that is just impossible to miss. With Caroma accessories, your bathroom is sure to have the exquisite feel that will turn it into your very own luxurious and private retreat.

  • Novelli


    Novelli Tapware is a unique amalgamation of European style with a contemporary look. Novelli’s high quality tapware come with a 10 year warranty you as an assurance that you are getting products of unmatched with high craftsmanship. Novelli’s extremely popular Architetto collection combines European design and technology with traditional craftsmanship available in a range of styles and finishes. The Architetto collection is beautifully complimented by a range of spa/bath outlets, showers and a choice of quality bathroom accessories. Novelli tapware feature innovative mini stop valve and filter connects directly to water outlets. It has a stainless steel filter which can easily be cleaned of any impurities. Novelli taps can really make the time you spend in your bathroom all the more enjoyable.

  • Bastow


    An Australian brand with nearly 20 years experience in the tapware and accessories market, Bastow is recognised as one of Australia’s market leaders in the design and manufacture of quality tapware and bathroom accessories.

    Bastows’ strict adherence to quality system guidelines guarantees the outstanding quality and reliability of its products, thus ensuring that the highest standards of precision in manufacturing, testing and inspection are applied at every stage of production.

    Bastow tapware and accessories are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and/or materials for fi ve years. Furthermore, all of our tapware complies to AS3718, and WELS ensuring the best possible quality product and your peace of mind.

    Bastow ranges vary from yesterday’s bygone era style to tomorrows stylishly modern designs. A diverse and extensive range of colour plate and powder coat fi nishes are available. This charming selection of colours and finishes coupled with Bastows’ broad offer in style is what makes it unique.

    Bastow tapwares take 5-10 working days delivery time as they are made to order as per your choice of colour and finish.

  • Dorf


    Dorf taps have made their strong presence felt in the sanitary ware market for over 60 years now. With an extensive range of inspirational products for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries Dorf tapware has built a world-wide reputation based on its hard to beat combination of innovation, technology and style. Dorf taps and Dorf accessories are an amalgamation of the highest quality craftsmanship and technology. Dorf tapware products such as Jovian, Minko, Arc, Ingressi, Kytin incorporate the latest innovations in water saving technology guaranteed to minimise water usage without compromising on performance. You can give your bathrooms and kitchens a rich and exclusive touch with water efficient Dorf taps and Dorf Accessories. The elegant designs and European styling of the Dorf tapware is hard to miss in any bathroom or kitchen. And remember, every time you turn on a Dorf tap you turn on a lifetime of experience.

  • Flexispray


    Flexispray is a shower and tapware brand that is well renowned for its extremely water efficient and exquisite showerheads and tapware. With a market standing spanning almost four decades, Flexispray showers and Flexispray tapware are widely acknowledged for their exceptional design, performance and water saving capabilities. Simplicity, value for money and modern design are the hallmarks of Flexispray showers, Flexispray tapware and Flexispray accessories. Flexispray tapware and shower range is extensive and offers great variety in design styles ranging from solutions for classic to contemporary homes and even commercial installations. Flexispray taps feature ultra light finger tip control and are completely drip free taps. The Styx Rail Shower and Styx Hand Shower from Flexispray are the true symbols of futuristic design in modern showerheads. Sharp in design and sleek in nature, Flexispray’s new Styx Range is truly cutting edge for the futuristic designer homes.

  • Methven


    Founded in 1886, Methven is today New Zealand’s longest established, largest supplier and leading designer of showerheads, tapware, faucets and accessories both in New Zealand and Australian markets. Methven is a leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of tapware, showerware and valve products, perfect to compliment your bathroom design and experience. Methven is considered to be a leader in shower technology because of its globally acclaimed and award winning Satinjet technology. While standard showers produce single jets of narrow, needle-like spray, Methven showers with Satinjet technology use twin jets of water that collide with each other and turn into thousands of tiny droplets, saving water as less of it is required for every shower. Methven has also developed the unique and patented Fastflow technology, which provides an effective solution to the problem of unequal hot and cold water pressure. Methven tapware, Methven showerware and Methven accessories are globally respected for their breakthrough design, innovative features, distinctive aesthetics and environmental-mindedness.

  • Rossto


    Rossto is a unique brand offering tapware and bathroom accessories with European designs and quality craftsmanship without the heavy price tag. All of the extremely affordable Rossto tapware and Rossto accessories have been designed to be useful and practical with clever features that make life a little easier and all the more enjoyable. Rossto tapware range includes various models of shower sets, basin sets, bath sets, wall top assemblies and washing machine sets both for bathrooms and kitchens. Rossto accessories range includes toilet paper holders, glass shelves, soap holders, tumble holders, robe hooks, towel rings, towel rails, toilet brush holders and liquid soap dispensers. All Rossto accessories are available under a distinct brand name, Nova.

  • Zip HydroTap

    Zip HydroTap

    Zip instant boiling water heaters are purely Australian designed and manufactured; they are exported to more than sixty countries and used by millions of people around the world. Early in the nineteen-eighties, small on-wall Zip instant boiling water heaters were introduced to Australian markets and the Zip “little white box with a red tap” gradually became popular that gave hot water as soon as the tap was touched. After the success of instant boiling water heaters, Zip went on to develop Zip Hydro-Tap, a brand new concept in instant boiling water systems that is equipped with an under-bench control cabinet for delivering filtered hot and cold water by means of an electronically controlled tap on the sink.

    Whether you need filtered hot drinking water or filtered cold drinking water or filtered hot and cold drinking water from a single tap, Zip has several models to suit your specific need. Apart from filtered drinking water, Zip brings to you a range of hot water solutions as well as touch free washroom systems right at your figure tips.

  • HiFlow


    Hi Flow has brought in advanced technology for water filtration that generates ½ micron filtered water at a flow rate that is between 8 and 12 litres per minute (between 250 and 500 kPa water pressure). This is exactly 4 times more the flow rate of the old fashioned separate filter tap systems.


    Hi Flow system could be easily attached “In Line” upright or parallel to any of the existing or brand new mixer/ cold water tap to supply pure filtered water at mains pressure. The cartridge is certified to generate filtered water around 11,350 litres annually. Any kind of tap can be easily converted into a filter tap by Hi Flow system. Now you can enjoy pure and fresh filtered water any time at full pressure with Hi Flow water filter system.


  • Irwell


    Irwell has made a name for itself for supplying high quality tapware products for bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Whether you need ordinary taps, mixer taps or showers, Irwell have the finest range of products to rightly adorn your bathroom and kitchen interiors in style and elegance. Irwell’s tapware products have been manufactured to the stringent Australian standards. Irwell’s taps and mixer taps have the modern day design and come with striking chrome finishes and water preserving characteristics. You can be rest assured of getting a high quality tapware product at a reasonable price from Irwell.

  • Oliveri


    Oliveri is a leading Australian sink manufacturer and sources selected tapware and other accessories from International suppliers. Then after, they are designed and manufactured to Oliveri's specifications and quality standards.