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Selecting the right taps is vital to ensure that they work efficiently and add to the overall comfort and aesthetics of your bathrooms and kitchens. When selecting taps for your kitchen or bathroom, you need to take into account several factors so as to make the ideal choice.
  • First of all you need to consider the type of bath or basin you want a tap for. You need to take into account its usage design and water supply system, which will have an influence over the performance of your tap. To ensure best performance, you need to make sure that any taps you choose are compatible with your existing water system.

    The other most important factor to consider is to know the pressure of your water system, which may primarily depend upon the height of the storage tank in your home. The higher the storage tank is in a home, the higher will be the pressure. However, long pipes with lots of twists and turns may reduce the pressure considerably. What you need to remember is that if you have the tanks installed low in your home, you will require low pressure taps. You must also keep in mind that if you have a high pressure system then a low pressure tap will work fine, however a high pressure tap will not work with a low pressure system.

    Now that you know how to identify the right tap for your water system we move on to the things that might not have any bearing on the performance but are nevertheless worth pondering.

    You must decide upon the finish of you taps as they are available in a huge variety of finishes. The most common finishing is chrome and it happens to be the longest lasting one as well. Besides golden and bronze finishes, which are not commonly preferred in modern homes, taps are also available in Silk Steel, Stainless Steel, Pewter finishes that have a fine grain and are considered to give a contemporary look to your baths and kitchen.

    Next comes the issue of selecting the right design for your taps, which may vary from ultra modern to purely traditional depending upon your personal preferences and the look and feel you want to give to your baths and kitchen.

Being a matter of personal choice, we recommend selecting the finish and design of the taps to match your individual basins or bath to suit your preferences and all the while, keep an eye on the functionality so as to make the best choice.