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Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails

Taps & More supplies amazing heated towel rails of well known industry leading brands like Rossto and OS. We have a wide selection for wall mounted heated towel rails with bars ranging from 4 to 11, ensuring that we have a product and a price range for every customer. We have a variety of heated towel rails that includes ladder towel rails and stainless steel towel rails. As per the size and interiors of your bathroom, you can opt for the heated towel rails.

Heated towel rails facilitate to heat your bathroom and dry your bath towels. With heated towel rails, you can now get a clean, fresh and warm towel to wipe your body after every bath. 

Towel Rails

We provide towel rail solutions to suit all kinds of bathroom. Wet towels can pull mildew speedily. Even if it is hung tidily on a towel rail, one wet surface is folded against another, which blocks the ambient air from drying your towels fully. This holds true, particularly in humid weather. When you make use of heated towel rail, the heat generated by it will totally dry your wet towels between uses, shielding from mildew. This will also save you time and money on your laundry because the towels would not need to be washed quite often.